A Little Review of ‘And After Many Days’ by Jowhor Ile

This book kicked off my 2017 reading and I like it very much.

A story of love and pain, trust and distrust, guilt and remembrance, And I will like to call it a book of forever memories too.

There is the imagery of light, its coming on and off, which signifies the disappearance and eventual discovery of Paul. There is the strong use of call backs, what some others might call flash backs or stories within a story, which motions the reader into the found dation of the story and how Paul and the Utu family evolved.

I always like it when a story touches on current issues that bears the plight of the society. There is police brutality, grassroot politics, economic involvement and evolvement and the consequences of it as it affects the Niger Delta. The beauty of this is in how Ile wraps this into the story of a missing child. It shows how contexts reveal the acutual and in many ways than one tell that stories are a product of the society as much as they are the shapers of it. 

And this story is a of contextual 90s in Nigeria, especially in Port Harcourt.

The book is an excellent debut, and I like the way it reads. I’ll give this one a 7.

Check it out.


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