Call for Submissions: The African Literary Hustle, New Orleans Review, Deadline: 31 December 2016

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* The African Literary Hustle*

Guest Editors: Mukoma wa Ngugi and Laura Murphy

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aquotesWhen African literature is published in the West, it is too often realist, in English, and always in the spirit of Chinua Achebe. But romance, science fiction, fantasy, epic, experimental poetry, satire, political allegory all find expression in Africa, though not necessarily publication. Those who are called to write often have to hustle to get recognition by writing a coming-of-age colonial encounter tale or hustle even harder to have their unique voices heard.

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Happy Me, Happy Reading – Oluwaseyi G. Abidoye

After what looks like a speed reading, I finished reading Foreign Gods Inc. in less than a week, sometimes I read during work hours and lunch break and in between mountains of work load. It is surprising what a five minutes reading break can do to a tired brain. After all, if I sum the hours I spent reading this book it is not up to 24 hours, that means i read up the book in less than a day. Phew! That is quite possible because the book is an interesting page turner.

And while I was settling down my brain systems, waiting for the delivery of my copy of Marlon James’s A Brief History of Seven Killings, the delivery guy called me to inform me that he will also be delivering a copy of Elnathan John’s Born On A Tuesday the next day. Happy me, jumping me. I took delivery of these books the next day and set out to read James Marlon as I proposed, but now, I am almost done with Elnathan John.


So it seems ama be reading three books this month, Foreign Gods Inc., A Brief History of Seven Killings and Born On A Tuesday. An improvement I think. And if anybody asks me, I am enjoying this experience. Watch out for short reviews of theses books in the coming week.