On The Rebirth: My Reading and Writing – Oluwaseyi G. Abidoye

I love reading, give my books, drinks and a quiet room; you might not see me outside that room in days. I love writing too, and I have scattered pieces of my random writings in a few spaces on the internet. This year, I hope to put them all together on this blog for good. God help me.

The year 2015 was amazing for me. I took down two old blogs in the month of August and started being an onlooker in the Nigeria Literary scene; I started following the fiction writings of Nigeria authors and a few east and Southern Africa authors. I was doing this; having in mind how and what my new blog look like.

While watching the scenes from the shadows, I took a few bold steps to paddle my armature poetry in the corridors of few African literary blogs and got rejected at every attempt, the latest being in December 2015. I took all the rejections in good strides hoping they will someday become the testimonies of my better writings to come.

I particularly followed two literature festivals last year, The Lagos International Poetry Festival and the illustrious and epic Ake Book and Arts Festival. The former I planned to attend, but after many thoughts I backed down, I just felt I did not prepare enough. Not much planning, and so many things I needed to put in place failed, being a non spontaneous person, I postponed, hoping for a better event this year and already planning ahead.

As for The Ake Books and Arts Festival I did not attend too, I never planned to do because I would not have had the time due to my day job, but I followed it religiously on You Tube and Twitter. I found it interesting and very informing, inspiring too. I did not know much about the festival, only that Lola Shoneyin is the curator and I have had previous encounters with her poetry and fiction, I find them very good pieces. I stalked the event and I had my fill.

I very much hope I can attend the next episodes of these events (if my day job allows me, because due to an upgrade of status I am not entitled to any working leave this year, only two weeks off. Yes poor me) and write about them on this blog.

Chimamanda Adichie, Elnathan John, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Chika Unigwe especially rocked my literary work last year, and many others like A. Igoni Barret, Chris Abani, Toni Kan, Dami Ajayi, Jumoke Verrisimo and so on, I cannot mention them all. Pa Ikhide, Brittle Paper, Wawa Book Review, Saraba Magazine’s chapbooks so many other interesting literary blogs warmed up my brain and fine tuned my reading experience. I had a wonderful experience reading these writers’ works and reading these blogs. Garcias!

As I said earlier, I was walking in the shadows. Now I am ready to come out. I hope for the love of it that I do not go back in. This blog will take no particular form; all I will do is read books from book clubs and write my little review, work on my collection of poetry and short stories and write about how they are coming up. Also I will write about events in African literary scenes with special attention to West Africa and Nigeria, likewise some bits of current affairs, commentary and opinion will feature on it. I hope the journey is smooth and consistent.

This month, I am re-reading the classic, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart along with other members of the Wawa Book Club in preparation for a discussion on the 29th of January and I am also reading Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha. I do not know why i am reading the latter yet asides that it came recommended, plus I think I need some dosage of Non-African writings.

So welcome all, to the rebirth of my random writing and reading. I hope we have a wonderful experience doing this together.



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